What is it?

AuthorSHARE is a scheme that pays writers royalties on the sale of their used books bought from online retailers. The scheme is funded by second-hand book retailers who want to contribute to a more circular model of book consumption.

Why it's important

In recent years there has been an exponential growth in the used book industry, the market for used books is growing at 12% annually, and by 2025 it is estimated that it will be worth £563 million in the UK alone.


A sustainable, used-book industry is a positive step and the AuthorSHARE scheme is designed to ensure that writers have an equitable stake in this.


While the scheme has been well supported by partners from the second-hand book retail sector, ALCS–funded research demonstrates how wider participation by industry partners could significantly enhance its impact.

Who benefits?

Research on writers’ earnings reveals falling pay and challenging working conditions both for experienced and new writers. Royalties and residuals for past works are essential in sustaining writers to create the new books which fill our homes, libraries and schools, enriching our cultural life and enhancing our world-class publishing industry.

It is great to see that original creators will see some benefit when their work finds a new reader

- Joanne Harris

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